The Game

Tubefun is a board game based on London underground network and its activities and provided with five possible routes through the stations with some stations positioned and designated as connections (C ) allowing movement between routes. The game involves each of the players choosing both a home and a destination card from respective stacks at the commencement of a game.The game comences with the players throwing the dice to determine the player that starts the game.

Each player moves the number of stations¬† as shown on the dice thrown on their turns. Landing on the stations marked (M), requires the player to draw a move card and follow the instructions. At (B) the player leaves the tube and use the bus route as shown on the board. The winner is the first player to complete the journey as specified in the “options of play.” which can be downloaed from this link for playing Tubefun.

Tubefun competitive edge and unique selling point stands on the fact that: It is fun because it brings to life the activities encountered in the tube on the board. The game is for leisure, it is also educational and can give tourists and other travellers to the capital an ideal of how our underground networks functions. It is also suitable for homes, play groups, hospitals and can serve as travel companion. Learning the game takes less than five minutes. About two to five People of age five plus can play the game. The total pack of the game is durable and of high safety factor.

Tubefun is designed to stand the test of time in that it is not designed based on current eventsVarious movecards and instructions on themWeekend travelcard,move one station on your turns withouttossing

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